#askpeakhr is a weekly event on social media giving businesses and managers the opportunity to ask any HR related question and receive quick, commercial, sensible and expert HR advice in return.


We run the event across Facebook and Twitter so ensure that you can get your question in a 140 character limit.


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Make sure to use the #askpeakhr hashtag so that we can share your Q&A with our other followers.  See below for a selection of the questions that we've received so far. 

Q. What would be the key stages in developing a HR plan?

A. Align with the business plan and objectives. How will staff contribute? Where are you now vs where you want to be?


Q. Should new contracts should be prepared when the legal status of a company changes. 

A. Yes. The contract should reflect the legal name of the company / employer and any trading name.


Q. Can you offer any advice on how to manage a member of staff who more often than not is sick on a Friday?

A. Raise it in the return to work meeting. Possibly a personal issue and need flexible working? If not, set targets and monitor.


Q. We've received complaints about a staff members driving in our company vehicle, how do we address it?

A. Investigate first and then arrange a formal meeting in line with your disciplinary policy. H&S is paramount.


Q. What are the top three HR 'must dos' or 'must haves' for SMEs hoping to attract and retain the right calibre of individuals? 

A. 1) Clarity on the attributes you need in the roles 2) Strategies for career development 3) Strong culture and vision.


Q. I suspect a member of my team has been helping themselves to items, how can I approach them about it? 

A. If you have the right to search in your contract/handbook initiate a search of their personal effects.


We look forward to answering your questions.