From time to time you may find that one of your employees becomes unhappy and raises an issue formally that they would like to be dealt with.

There is a legal process to follow when receiving a grievance so it's important that you can recognise when you need to treat the matter seriously and know exactly what you need to do.


Grievances may be complex and tricky to handle and take up considerable management time whilst seeking to understand the issue and work to finding a satisfactory resolution. 


It is important to address grievances quickly to avoid inflaming the situation further or the staff member concerned feeling as though the issue is being ignored.

It can also be difficult in small businesses for grievances to be dealt with impartially, often the grievance can involve the business owner making it difficult for them to deal with matter.  We can act as the impartial party to PeakHR can be appointed to hear appeals following the outcome of internally managed grievance processes.

If not handled correctly, grievances can affect not only staff morale but potentially lead to costly and damaging tribunal claims so it's important to act and get things right.

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