From time to time you may find that one of your employees becomes unhappy and raises an issue formally that they would like to be dealt with.

There is a legal process to follow when receiving a grievance so it's important that you can recognise when you need to treat the matter seriously and know exactly what you need to do.


Grievances may be complex and tricky to handle and take up considerable management time whilst seeking to understand the issue and work to finding a satisfactory resolution. 




It is an unfortunate fact that in challenging times organisations may need to reduce staff.  Even thriving businesses may face a redundancy situation from time to time, due to restructures, outsourcing or relocations.  


Either way, we know these decisions are never taken lightly. 


It's important to get a redundancy process right, starting from the business rationale and the selection of roles being considered for redundancy.  

We understand the emotions that are involved in such a process and can help you achieve your objectives in a fair and sensitive way. 


We can support you through what can be a complex business.  We can assist you from the very first stages of the process; from consideration of action and the business rationale through to the final exit and calculation of redundancy pay.  Throughout the process we will always help you achieve your objectives, in line with legislation.

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