As much as you'd love for things to run smoothly at your company all of the time, the reality is that misconduct or underperformance can occur which may require disciplinary action being taken. 


Disciplinary issues can be hard for small businesses to manage.  Working in a small team, you may have grown close to your staff and subsequently it can be difficult to deal with matters of misconduct or poor performance. 


PeakHR are able to manage disciplinary matters for you or guide you through the process to manage yourself, whichever you feel is most suitable. 



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We can provide guidance on investigations, assist with gathering witness testimonies, provide agendas and pointers for chairing a disciplinary hearing and help you reach a final decision.

Additionally, we can be a point of appeal for your staff in circumstances where you have dealt with matters internally but there are no further impartial routes within the business to appeal to.

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