Absence Management

Sadly it is a fact of life that there will always be staff absence within your business, but how absence is managed will determine its impact on the business. 


There are many tools that a business can employ to minimise the occurrence of absences and also to manage absences appropriately to help employees return to work.


We can help you develop an absence management policy, a monitoring strategy and provide guidance and hands-on practical support for employees whose persistent short term absences are causing a problem or for complex long term absences and those where sensitive disabilities may be involved.

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Absence issues can really distract the attention of your managers so let PeakHR assist in managing these matters to allow you to regain your focus on running the business.  

Complete the form below giving us a brief idea of the challenge you are facing in managing your short absence levels or an outline of a longer term absence case you are finding more difficult and we'll get back to discuss how we can help support you or book a call with us by clicking here.