Breathe HR

We believe that company success comes from managing your people— not paper. That’s why we’ve partnered with Breathe HR, a cloud-based HR software solution designed to tame the chaos, so you can access your HR and personnel data online – easily and securely.


Breathe HR transforms the way you do HR – automating those time consuming admin tasks and storing your people’s information in one place. 



People data in one place

Centralise all your information in one location - keeping it organised and easy to access on the go.


Manage holiday requests

Make managing leave requests easy with user self-service and a central calendar.


Increase performance

Manage appraisals, give praise, set one-to-one meetings and objectives.


Manage sickness and absence

From monitoring sick leave to generating reports, managing absence is easy with our central calendar.


Improve communication channels

Share company news and objectives and reward great performance with the Kudos function.


Manage documents

Host your company and people documents securely in one central location.

Breathe HR software is available from as little as £11 per month.  Book a demo of the system here.