If you're spending too much time managing staff, maybe you should be talking to us

We'll give commercial, sensible and expert advice and on-site support


The employment contract is the foundation of the employment relationship and a legal requirement.  Together with a handbook, make sure your documents are 

protecting your business.


Your employees can use the grievance procedure from day one if they have concerns about their employment.  There's a legal process you need to follow when you receive a grievance and we can help you with every step of that process.


There will always be staff who underperform or misbehave at work.  If you need to manage misconduct or underperformance, we can be with you every step of the way.


Even thriving businesses may face a redundancy situation from time to time, due to restructures, outsourcing or relocations.  It's important to get a redundancy process right, starting from the very first thoughts.  We can support you through what can be a complex business.


Sadly your staff may fall ill but whether short-term or long term, absences can be really disruptive for your business. We can help you put processes in place to minimise occurrences and deal with absent employees swiftly and sensitively.


If your business is growing you need to find the best people to take you forward and promote your business in a competitive job market.  We can support you with your recruitment processes to help you find just the right person for the job.


It's highly likely that you'll have to deal with maternity leave, parental leave or paternity leave at some point in your business.  We can make sure that you know what's expected of you and that your staff know their rights and obligations.


If you're not sure whether your HR practices are up to date or what you could be doing better, why not have one of our free reviews?  

We'll spend an hour with you talking through your practices (whether that's a little or a lot) and give you our recommendations in writing.


Cheryl responded quickly offering a number of different solutions to support us, her advice was always considered, thorough and accurate.  Cheryl inspired confidence and I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Andy Gullick, Family Care

Cheryl is  great to work with and always answers any HR queries in a clear and concise way, removing any grey areas.  I'd highly recommend PeakHR.

Adam Dolman, Stirling Warrington

Cheryl has been absolutely amazing to work with and is the person I trust with my business.  She is there when I need her and is very responsive.  I would highly recommend her.

Rudi Jansen, The Accountants Coach