Zero Hours Contracts -Flexibility for both parties

Zero hours contracts have had a lot of bad press in recent years, but contrary to popular belief, these type of contracts are still perfectly valid forms of work. What employers can no longer do is prevent individuals from working for other employers.

You may be surprised to hear but there are actually advantages for employees who undertake these type of contracts.

Flexibility is one of the biggest plusses if an individual is perhaps studying, has caring responsibilities, has a part-time job or is semi-retired. Zero hours contracts provide an opportunity to work without someone having to give up their other commitments. If work is offered to an individual, they can in fact turn it down if they can’t work the hours due to other prior commitments. Another benefit is that it can often be a 'foot in the door' which could lead to a permanent opportunity within the business.

Yes these contracts also have benefits for the employer in giving them flexibility to better handle peaks/troughs and ensures that they have a bank of good staff to meet their business needs. A good employer will try to give as much notice as possible of any available working hours to give individuals time to make arrangements around any other prior commitments.

These type of contracts can be mutually beneficial so lets not demonise them or the businesses that offer these - they really can offer a win win for those seeking real flexibility in how they work.

If you are considering implementing a zero hours contract within your business to give you the flexibility that you need and need some guidance on how to do this or whether this is the best option for you, please get in touch at We'd be happy to help.

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